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Master List of Fics - Remus Lupin/Sirius Black

(Harry Potter)


A New Year for Two – Remus and Sirius talk about making changes for the new year. PG-13

Fixing Remus – Sirius tries to convince Remus to be more than friends. PG

Four for Four – The Marauders think about the future. PG

It’s True! It’s True! – People express their reactions upon learning of Remus and Sirius’s relationship. PG-13

James Potter’s Dating Advice – James offers Remus advice before his first date. PG

Like Summer – Remus isn’t sure about his and Sirius’s relationship. PG-13

Remus Lupin’s Giggling Fits – Remus laughs every time he and Sirius get together. PG-13

Remus’s Special Gift – James helps Remus find the perfect birthday gift for Sirius. PG-13

The Rules – Remus and Sirius establish rules for their relationship. PG

The Story of the Missing Glove – Peter finds out about Remus and Sirius. PG

Tell Us Already – Remus and Sirius are forced to come out to everyone. PG-13

What James Potter Heard – James accidentally discovers the truth about Remus and Sirius’s relationship. PG-13

Why – Peter discovers why Remus and Sirius are good together. PG

Why I Am Gay by Remus Lupin – Remus writes down the reasons for why he’s gay. PG-13

Why I Am Gay by Sirius Black – Sirius writes down the reasons for why he’s gay. PG


A Bloke’s Guide to Living Happily Ever After – Remus and Sirius attend a men’s seminar on how to live happily with your significant other. PG-13

A Wish and Two Surprises – Remus wishes for a normal birthday. PG-13

The Birthday Cards – Sirius’s isn’t the only one giving Remus birthday gifts. R

Midnight Birthday Surprise – Sirius wants to celebrate his birthday at midnight. R

Missing the Kiss - Remus and Sirius plan their New Year's Eve. PG-13

The Perfect Bed – Remus wants Sirius to make the bed. PG

Remus and Sirius’s New Year’s Resolutions – The boys make their New Year’s resolutions. R

SERIES: Spring Forward -- Chronicling a spring of change for all the Marauders. PG to NC-17

SERIES: The Summer of Sirius – Chronicling the summer when Sirius moved into his flat. PG to NC-17

When Sirius Knew – Sirius discovers he’s gay. PG-13

Why Sirius Doesn’t Bottom – Sirius doesn’t want to “bottom.” NC-17


Stronger than Ever – Remus asks Sirius about Azkaban. PG


Pay Me a Kiss – Remus and Sirius remember their first kiss. PG


Why We Are Still Gay by Sirius Black and Remus Lupin – After Deathly Hallows, Remus and Sirius write a response to their depictions. PG-13

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