sleeper6 (sleeper6) wrote,

FIC: Royal Watchers

A Luke/Reid fic in which Luke and Reid watch the royal wedding. (As the World Turns, PG-13)

Title: Royal Watchers
Author: sleeper6
Characters: Luke/Reid
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1833
Summary: Luke and Reid watch the royal wedding.
Disclaimer: All belongs to As the World Turns, not me.
Author's notes: Sequel to The Royal Engagement but can read as a stand-alone. Silliness and fluff in honor of the lovely royal couple.

The ringtone loudly interrupted the quiet bedroom.

“What the hell?”

Luke Snyder quickly moved to the edge of the bed in an effort to grab his phone from the nightstand. “Hello? When? Right now? Okay, sure, bye.” He looked over at his sleeping partner and whispered, “Sorry.”

Reid Oliver opened his eyes, rubbing the sleep from them as he yawned. “Who dare interrupt my—our—sleep?”

Luke blushed slightly. “My mom.”

“Everyone okay?” Reid immediately asked.

“Yes, go back to sleep,” Luke said as he pointed the remote at the large TV screen opposite their bed. An image of huge crowds of people filled the screen.

“What are you doing?” asked Reid as Luke fell flat onto his stomach with his head now at the foot of the bed, resting the upper part of his body on a pillow to watch the television. His feet lay mere inches away from Reid’s face.

“The wedding’s today.”

Reid groaned. “You’ve got to be kidding.”

“A lot of people are going to watch, Reid,” Luke said, his words muffled by the fluffy pillow under his head.

“People who are English, who don’t work, who are taking the day off from work or women, Luke—that’s who’ll be watching. Not a doctor who has a demanding job or the boyfriend of the doctor who more often than not doesn’t work but who should be considerate of the doctor’s need to not have the fucking television on at five in the morning,” Reid said before barely moving away in time to avoid getting hit by Luke’s bare foot.

“Just go back to sleep. I won’t raise the volume that high,” Luke said.


Luke’s focus was solely on the TV screen where the Prince of Wales was arriving for his wedding in a sleek, black, chauffeured car.


Reid grabbed one of Luke’s feet and pulled his big toe.

“Reid, stop!”

“I’m talking to you.”

Luke, still lying prone on the bed, looked over his shoulder at Reid. “What?”

“Can you turn that off?”

“How is it bothering you?”

“I’m trying to sleep here,” Reid said.

“It’s going to be six already. It’s not that early,” Luke explained.

“I have a long shift today,” Reid argued.

“Not until this afternoon,” Luke stated.

“You don’t have to watch it now. You know they’ll be replaying it all day long.”

“I know, but it’s fun watching it with the rest of the world,” Luke said with smile. “And besides, my mom’s going to want to talk about it when I meet her for lunch later so I have to see what happens.”

“Because there is not one other single soul she can talk to about it?”

“Faith’s not into the royals and Natalie and Ethan are too small, and Dad’s away until Sunday so . . .”

“Unbelievable,” Reid said with a sigh as he shut his eyes and turned on his side. “Wake me up when it’s over.”

Luke looked at Reid. “Or you could watch it with me.”

Reid turned his body around and looked down at the foot of the bed. “You know how I feel about weddings. I don’t like attending weddings of people I know and I sure as hell don’t want to watch a wedding of people I don’t, hope to never, and will never, know.”

“Geez, I forget how grumpy you can be in the morning,” Luke remarked, turning his attention back to the television. “Forget I asked.”

Reid pursed his lips at the sound of Luke’s hurt voice, the one he always used when Reid disappointed him—not that Reid did that often as Reid had been trying to be the best boyfriend he could be since Mr. Snyder and him officially became a couple. He yawned louder and then made his way to the foot of the bed, plopping himself right next to Luke.

“So what’s the big deal with them, anyway?”

“They’re royals, Reid. Remember, I told you about them when they got engaged?”

“I know who they are, Luke, but what’s so special about them besides their blood?”

Luke shrugged. “I don’t know. They’re young and in love and pretty and it’s all so—so romantic.”

Reid rolled his eyes, something else he’d been trying not to do too much of in Luke’s presence even though sometimes, he just couldn’t control himself.

“They give hope to people who don’t have love in their lives—it lets them see that love still exists, and that sometimes, literally, your prince is somewhere out there. And for everyone else who is lucky to be in love, it’s kind of nice to know that other people are feeling what you feel everyday,” Luke said softly.

Reid stared at Luke. “You are so cheesy.”

“If you’re not going to watch, then please don’t mock me.” Luke started to sit up. “You know what? I’ll go see it downstairs.”

Reid pulled Luke back down. “If I watch it with you, can I get a blowjob after?”

Luke wrinkled his nose. “No.”

“Worth a shot.” Reid adjusted his head on the pillow as his eyes looked at the TV screen.

They watched in silence for a few seconds.

“Whoa, what’s with all the head gear? Is that the dress code: stick a dead plant on your hat?”

Luke laughed. “That’s traditional formal wear for ladies over there, genius.”

Reid snorted. “Seriously? I think that if we ever get married, we should create our own dress code and make everyone come in something with sequins or in neon colors—you know, just to see who dresses the gaudiest. My vote’s on Hank.”

Luke stared at him.


“So you’re already planning our wedding?” teased Luke.

“That’s—it’s not—I didn’t mean,” Reid stuttered.

Luke squeezed Reid’s shoulder. “Relax, Reid. We both know it’s too soon. We’ve only been dating a few months. Now, in a couple of years—”

“Hey, who’s that strapping lad in red?” Reid said.

“That’s the prince, Reid, the groom.”

Reid picked up his head and smiled. “Now that’s a bloke I’d like to get chummy with.”

“Oh, so you have a type, do you?” asked Luke with a grin.

“What are you talking about?”

“Blond, thin, rich, under thirty.”

“No,” Reid stated. “I go for redheads, too. Like that guy standing next to him—that’s his brother, right?”



Luke slapped Reid’s back. “Hey, hey, hey, don’t be drooling over any lads or blokes or mates.”

“Jealous, Mr. Snyder?”

Luke didn’t answer. He simply pouted.

Reid leaned in and nuzzled against Luke. “Relax, Luke. You’re the only one whose bum I like to bugger,” whispered Reid in a bad British accent.

“Aww, thank you, that’s sweet of you to say, but please, no more British talk,” Luke said with a laugh, causing Reid to laugh too.

They kissed for a few seconds before turning back to the screen.



“She’s very pretty. If I was a straight, I’d like to get chummy with her.”

“Reid, don’t be thinking impure thoughts about her on her wedding day,” scolded Luke.

“I’m thinking impure thoughts, but they sure aren’t about her,” Reid said as he raised his eyebrows.

Luke hit Reid. “Stop thinking about the prince.”

“I’m not,” Reid said, grinning slyly and leaning his face toward Luke’s.

Luke held Reid’s head back. “It’s not over yet, Reid. I want to see this.”

“Fine,” said Reid, rubbing his eyes before focusing on the wedding again.

They watched the next few minutes of the ceremony in silence.

“I really do like their uniforms,” Reid said after a while. “Um, what would you wear?”

Luke looked at Reid from the corner of his eye. “To my wedding?”


“A black suit, white shirt, silver tie. Classic and simple yet elegant. You?”

“I’d like to wear my doctor’s coat but I know you wouldn’t let me.”

“Absolutely not.”

Reid laughed. “Do you think I could rent a uniform like theirs from a costume shop just for the big day?”

“No. Everyone at our wedding will know you’re not in the Royal Air Force or any type of military regiment,” Luke said.

“Yeah, you’re right. I guess I’d wear the same thing as you,” Reid said. He yawned. “This music is nice but it’s putting me to sleep.”

“So who would your best man be—Katie?” asked Luke with a chuckle.

“Katie is a woman, and I need a man to stand by me.”

“Henry? Chris? Dr. Channing?”

“No, no way, and go to hell.”

“I’m joking. Who, then?”

“Bob. The guy’s all right.”

Luke smiled softly. “That’s nice.”


“My dad.”

Reid exhaled loudly. “Good. I thought you were gonna say your mom.”

“What, no kiss?” asked Luke loudly as he raised his head off the pillow.


“They’re walking out and they haven’t even kissed,” Luke said.

“Wow, the English really are cold,” remarked Reid.

“It’s probably a church rule or something.”

“I’m going to snog the hell out of you in front of everyone, no matter what,” Reid said.

Luke grinned and laid his head on the pillow once more.

Reid laid his chin on his folded arms. “Oh, look at the carriage.”

“Reid, did you see that? I think she just told him that she’s so happy.”

“Why wouldn’t she be? She just became a princess,” Reid said.

“Reid, be nice. She seems like a lovely girl.”

“All right, she does. So, will you be able to get us a horse-drawn carriage?”

Luke chuckled. “You’d seriously go for that?”

Reid shrugged. “Why not? I want to feel like a prince on that day.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Luke said with a wink.

Both men watched the royal couple’s procession to the palace, which then turned into the balcony scene with the entire royal family.

“Yes! A kiss! Finally!”

“That was nice but I’m pretty sure the chap can do better than that,” Reid said. He sat up, took Luke’s face in his hands and kissed him deeply. “There. That’s how I’m going to kiss you.”

Luke turned the television off with the remote, which he then tossed aside. “Mmm, can you show me again?”

Reid smiled and pushed Luke onto his back before getting on top of him. He gently kissed his boyfriend.

Luke smiled up at Reid. “I’m so happy.”

“Yeah, even if there’s no prince waiting out there for you?”

“I don’t need a prince. I have a doctor.”

“Even if he’s not perfect like the prince?”

“The prince is not perfect, I can assure you,” replied Luke.

“And you don’t need to get married in front of billions of people to prove that you’re in love?” asked Reid with a half-smile.

Luke shook his head. “As long as I know that the man that I love loves me back.”

“He does.”

Luke wrapped his arms around Reid’s neck. “Good,” Luke said in British accent as bad as Reid’s. “Now, can you please snog the hell out of me?”

Tags: atwt, fic, luke snyder, lure, reid oliver, the royals, wedding
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