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FIC: Oakdale is Not So Bad - Part 2

Title: Oakdale is Not So Bad – Part 2
Author: sleeper6
Rating: R
Disclaimer: All belongs to As the World Turns, not me.
Summary: Sequel to Dad is Not So Bad. After Reid moves to Oakdale to be with Luke, he has trouble adjusting to his new life and relationship.

Previous: Part 1

“Everything arrive okay?” Reid asked as he buckled his seatbelt.

Luke started the car and nodded. “Yes, all your belongings—of which there aren’t many, sadly—arrived in perfect condition and are currently stored in a secure location until you find a place for them to call home.”

“And my car?”

“It’s at my best friend’s house.”

“Is it safe?” Reid asked.

“He’s mom’s a cop.”

“Is it safe?” Reid asked again.

Luke laughed. “Relax, Reid.”

Reid shook his head. “Uh uh, after the countless stories you’ve told me of the crazy shit that happens around here, you can’t blame me for not having much faith in the police force.”

“It’s not that bad.”

Reid snorted. “They don’t know what they’re doing. Don’t you think that one guy coming back from the dead three times would’ve prompted them to call in the FBI or something?”

Luke laughed. “It was actually more like four or five times.”

“I rest my case,” Reid said, looking out the window. “I’ll go and pick it up later.”

“How come you didn’t drive it back here?”

Reid held up his hands. “See these hands, Luke?”


“I can’t have them do too much of anything; gotta keep them cramp-free.”

“Says the skilled masturbator.”

Reid laughed out loud. He looked over at Luke, who had a smug grin on his face as he drove. Reid was surprised at how relaxed he’d become in his first few minutes in Oakdale already. The knots in his stomach that had followed him from Dallas were slowly dissipating. Maybe he could make a go of it here after all, he thought. As long as Luke was here, Oakdale might not be so bad.

“I blame you for making me an expert. Was that not you calling me every single night for phone sex?” Reid asked, referring to his and Luke’s nightly routine of the past three weeks.

“I was bored,” Luke said with a laugh. “But you don’t even need a car in Oakdale. You can get from place to place in minutes, sometimes seconds.” Luke glanced at Reid. “Unless you’re planning on getting away or something . . .” Luke’s eyes returned to the road.

Reid reached out and touched Luke’s hand. “And go where?” he asked softly.

Luke smiled. He pulled his hand from Reid’s and laid it on Reid’s crotch. “So, what about you? Did everything arrive okay?”

Reid laughed and grabbed Luke’s hand before they both got distracted. “I’ll let you inspect the goods later.”

“Can’t wait,” Luke said, licking his lips. “By the way, I upgraded your room to a suite.”

“You didn’t have to do that.”

“You need space.”

“I’m going to have to search for a place soon,” Reid said. “I really don’t like the idea of living in your Mommy’s building. You think you can help me with that?”

Luke smiled. “I already have.” He nodded his head toward the back. “Grab the folder.”

Reid retrieved a folder from the backseat and opened it. “What’s this? Apartment listings?”

“Yup, while you were packing your life away in Dallas, your amazing boyfriend here was searching for an apartment for you. I know you’re going to be super busy with the wing and you might not have time to do it. Besides, I’m an expert on all things Oakdale.”

Reid read through the documents. “You found me a place?”

“Places. I’ve narrowed it down to three choices: one is a very small apartment, similar to the one you had in Dallas; it’s for sale. The other two are for lease: a condo, modern and almost new, and the third is probably the one you want—a two-bedroom apartment minutes away from Memorial. I know you have tomorrow free to settle in before you begin work the following day so I’ve made appointments to go see all three in the morning.”

Reid wrinkled his brows as he stared at the listings in his hands.


“You shouldn’t have done this, Luke.”

Luke grinned as he parked the car. “It’s okay. I don’t mind.”

“I do,” Reid said, looking at Luke. “You can’t choose where I’m going to live.”

Luke’s grin faded. “I—I didn’t. That’s why I gave you three choices.”

“That you approved even though I’m the one who’s going to live there.”

Luke reddened slightly. “I was . . . just trying to be helpful.”

Reid instantly hated himself. “I—I know that, but there are some decisions I-I need to make on my own, okay?” Reid said, his voice softening. He put his right hand over Luke’s. “You know what a control freak I am.” He forced a small laugh.

Luke pulled away and opened the driver’s door. “I’ll help you with your bags.”

“Luke, wait.”

At the front desk, Luke didn’t look at Reid as he said, “You can ask for another room if you want. You don’t have to take the suite I chose for you.”

“Luke, come on, don’t be like that.”

But Luke ignored him as he walked off toward the elevator.

Opening door to the suite, Reid whistled. “Wow, this is nice.” He put his bags down and looked at Luke. “Thank you, Luke.”

Luke dropped the last of Reid’s bags on the floor. “I’ll leave you to get settled. We’ll talk later.” He turned to leave but was stopped by Reid’s hand on his arm.

“Come here.”

Luke reluctantly looked at Reid.

“Luke, in the car, I didn’t mean to sound like a—”


Reid smiled. “Yeah, I was, but I didn’t mean to.”

“Then why?” Luke demanded. “You’re in a relationship now, Reid. You have to learn to give up some control. You can’t make every decision on your own.”

“No, but I also don’t like somebody else making one for me.”

“I didn’t—I wasn’t, I . . . I gave you options,” Luke said as he slipped his hands in his jean pockets and looked down at the floor.

“Luke, I understand what you were trying to do. That’s one of the things I love about you—that you’re always looking out for others. But I am new to all this and it’s hard to give up some control. I’m just so used to handling everything on my own,” Reid said. “But I didn’t mean to sound like I wanted you to back off or mind your own business ‘cause let’s face it, I really could use your help. I don’t know Oakdale yet.”

“So you’re not mad?”

Reid shook his head. “No, just stupid.”

Luke chuckled. “You’re not.”

Reid pulled Luke closer. “Maybe you’re right. I mean, my choices lately have been good ones, haven’t they—moving here for you, running the soon-to-be best neurological center in the country?”

Luke smiled. “Yeah.”

Reid kissed Luke. “So you forgive me?”

Luke touched Reid’s face as he kissed him. “Yes, but don’t act like a dick again,” he said firmly.

“I’ll try.”

“Do you want to go out to eat?” Luke asked, stealing one more kiss. “Or we could order room service?”

“I feel like eating something else,” Reid said, his mouth against Luke’s ear. “And I know you do too. Remember what you said you wanted to do to me the other night when you were ‘bored’?”

Luke shuddered as he felt Reid’s warm breath. “Yeah?”

“I’ll start giving up some control right now,” Reid said as he led Luke to the bedroom.

They undressed quickly without speaking. Then Luke pushed Reid flat on his back on the bed and spread his legs apart. Reid groaned loudly as soon as he felt Luke’s mouth around his cock. His hands held onto the back of Luke’s head, wanting to keep Luke in that position as long as he could. Luke is totally the blowjob champion, Reid thought, smiling as he recalled thinking up that title back in Dallas the first time Luke had done this.

“Good boy,” Reid said in between gasps as he pulled Luke’s hair.

Luke released Reid and climbed up, kissing various body parts as he went. When he was face to face with Reid, he smiled down at him. “Can I?”

Reid nodded. “They’re in the bag you had.”

Luke got out of bed to retrieve the supplies while Reid stroked himself. Luke returned, knelt on the bed between Reid’s legs and quickly prepared them. He pushed into Reid slowly but picked up speed at Reid’s urging. He kept Reid’s legs wide open by holding onto Reid’s hips as he thrust.

”Right there, right there, right there,” Reid chanted as Luke hit the right spot. Luke increased his speed and pressure, forcing Reid up the bed with his thrusts until Reid’s head bumped the headboard. Reid climaxed and tried to catch his breath as Luke kept pushing. After another minute of thrusting, Luke gripped Reid’s hips with one hand and the sheets with the other as he filled the condom inside Reid. Luke, gasping for air, fell forward, his head resting on Reid’s sticky stomach. When he finally looked up, he and Reid shared a smile. Luke made his way up the bed and collapsed on his back next to Reid.

“That was fucking hot, Grimaldi.” Okay, maybe Oakdale wasn’t bad at all.

Luke laughed. “Don’t call me that.”

“It’s your name, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but I imagine you thinking of my father whenever you say it.”

“Don’t worry; I gave up on the threesome idea a long time ago,” Reid said with a laugh, referring to his and Luke’s first meeting when Reid had incorrectly assumed a threesome was happening between himself, Luke and Damian.


Reid stared at Luke. “It’s always you, Luke. You’re the only one I think about.”

Luke scooted closer to Reid. “Even when I’m not with you? All those recent nights in Dallas? You were thinking about me?”

Reid put an arm around Luke to pull him against him. “You were the heavy breather on the other line, no?”

They both laughed before falling silent.

“Reid? I’m so happy you’re here. I thought maybe you . . . um . . .”

“I’m here, Luke.” Reid tightened his arm around Luke.



“Maybe this isn’t the best time to bring this up but my parents want to meet us for dinner to, you know, start all over,” Luke whispered against Reid’s neck.

“So you didn’t get through to them, huh?”

“We will.”


“The day after tomorrow.”

Reid sighed. “That’s my first day of work, Luke. Do you think we can reschedule?”

“They might assume we’re just making an excuse not to meet them.”

“You said you don’t care what your parents think.”

“I do care a little,” Luke whispered.

“All right,” Reid said, shutting his eyes. He really didn’t feel like talking about the Snyders in that moment.

“Hmm, this is nice,” Luke murmured after a few seconds. “It’ll be even nicer once you get your own place.”

Reid said nothing.

“Reid? Do you think that, um, maybe you might want to check out the apartments? I know what you said but . . .”

Reid opened his eyes. “Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

“Well, we’re supposed to see them in the morning,” Luke began.

Reid released his hold on Luke. “Let’s talk about it tomorrow.” He sat up. “Now, what did you say about room service earlier?”

Reid opened his eyes and tried to focus in the dark. He looked at Luke, who softly snored beside him.

Earlier, they ate until not even Reid could eat another bite, and then they engaged in a heavy make-out session on the sofa before falling to the floor. But as much as he wanted to take Luke right then and there, Reid didn’t want to imagine how many germs were on the beige carpet so, after failing to carry Luke over his shoulder, he pulled Luke into the bedroom and made love to him until they both couldn’t move anymore.

Luke shifted slightly, his lips parted as he mumbled nonsense in his sleep. Reid stared at him, silently reassuring himself that he was where he belonged. With Luke. In Oakdale.

Oakdale Luke. That’s how he was starting to refer to Luke now that there suddenly seemed to be two versions of Luke—Oakdale Luke and Dallas Luke. Dallas Luke had been great. It was Dallas Luke who had fallen in love with Reid, warts and all. In fact, Dallas Luke and Reid had been almost perfect, prompting Reid to uproot his entire life for them.

Oakdale Luke, however, was . . . different. He was still great, especially in bed (he certainly didn’t blush at the word sex anymore), and Reid loved him—that he couldn’t deny. But Oakdale Luke didn’t seem as charmed by Reid as Dallas Luke had been.

First, there’d been the incident weeks ago with Luke’s family. Reid had to admit he’d acted less than pleasant, but he couldn’t understand why Luke had been so surprised by his behavior. And though Luke had practically said that he’d choose Reid over his parents, Reid knew Luke was counting on that never happening. Luke was going to force Reid to get along with his parents whether Reid wanted to or not. And then there was the apartment issue. Reid realized there had to be compromises now that he was in a relationship—he’d moved 903 miles just for Luke, hadn’t he? Still, Reid felt like Luke was telling him what to do, how to act, what to say or not to say, and where to live instead of asking him.

And it wasn’t just Oakdale Luke he was worried about. There were the Snyders. And Dr. Bob Hughes. And Memorial. And everything else Reid had yet to discover about Oakdale.

Reid got out of bed and silently crept to the mini bar, where he fished out a small bottle of vodka. He swallowed it in three gulps, glancing over his shoulder to make sure Luke was still asleep. Reid looked out the window, the skyline much, much smaller than Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, and all the places he’d lived. He’d assumed that moving to Oakdale would be just like living in Dallas. But if it wasn’t, what then?

“Hey, what are you doing over there?”

Reid turned at the sound of Luke’s voice. Luke lifted the covers, revealing his naked body, and patted the bed. He suggestively moved his eyebrows up and down. “Get over here and warm me up, Doctor.”

Reid grinned as he climbed into bed. Maybe Oakdale Luke wasn’t so bad.

Luke kissed Reid and then pulled back, frowning as his tongue licked his lips. “You were drinking?”

“I didn’t know I couldn’t,” Reid responded defensively.

“Reid, I-I didn’t mean—I—”

“Let’s just get some sleep,” Reid said, lying down and shutting his eyes. Luke said nothing as he lay next to Reid.

“Jacob, sweetie, quiet down. Here, here’s your binky.” Katie Snyder gently pushed the pacifier into her baby’s mouth, stood up and—“Oh.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“I’m so, so sorry.”

Reid looked down at the wet, brown stain on his shirt. “And here I thought I’d cured the only blind person in this town.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see you—”


Katie grabbed some napkins from the counter and began wiping Reid’s navy scrub top. “Here, let me get that.”

Reid pushed Katie’s hands away. “You’re making it worse.”

“I’m just trying to help.”

“You could’ve helped by using your eyes and watching where you were going,” Reid muttered. He tried to walk around them, but Jacob’s stroller still blocked the entrance to Java. He looked questioningly at Katie.

“You’re a doctor,” Katie said as she pushed Jacob’s stroller to the side.

“So you aren’t blind.”

“Look, I’m sorry I didn’t see you. My son was crying; I think he’s sick. He’s been very fussy since last night and—”

“—that gives you a pass to spill coffee all over a random stranger?” Reid asked, walking to the counter and asking for a cup of water. He flinched slightly when Jacob—the pacifier falling from his mouth—began crying loudly. Reid looked at Jacob, then at Katie. “What about when your kid is being ‘fussy’ and annoying paying customers in a coffee shop—you expect a free pass for that too?”

“Could you be any ruder?”

“Actually, yes, but I don’t think you want to find out.” Reid dabbed the stain with water.

“At least it wasn’t hot coffee,” Katie said, smirking at Reid.

Reid pointed to his shirt. “You’re paying for the dry cleaning, you know.”

Katie quieted Jacob again with the pacifier. “Fine, send me the bill. I guess podiatrists don’t make that much, huh?”

Reid looked incredulous. “You think I’m a podiatrist?”

“Judging by the foot in your mouth or is it in your a—“

Reid stopped wiping. “You spill coffee on me and now you’re insulting me? Wow, this town really is something else.”

“Oakdale is not so bad,” Katie said quickly.

“The jury’s still out.” Reid sighed when he noticed the stain increase in size. “Great. You couldn’t have picked a worse day.”

“It’s just a little stain.”

“That everybody will notice on my first day at the hospital.”

Katie studied Reid closely. “You’re working at Memorial?”

Reid nodded. “And staying at the Lakeview, and unfortunately, those are the only two places in Oakdale that are not seconds away from one another.”

“You’re the neurosurgeon who’s going to run the Snyder Pavilion, aren’t you?” Reid didn’t answer so Katie continued, “Listen, I live, like, two minutes away. I have a shirt you can borrow so you don’t have to run across town and be late on your first day.”

Reid looked confused. “You’re inviting a complete stranger to your house and offering him clothes? Are you clumsy and insane?”

Katie smiled radiantly. “I’m being nice. You do know what that is, right?”

All right, she’s not a total idiot, Reid thought as he smiled back. “Lead the way.”

“Nice place,” Reid said, sounding impressed.

“Bet it’s nothing compared to your room at the Lakeview.”

“Oh, you mean my suite full of germs and bed bugs?”

Katie laughed. She parked Jacob, who was quietly lying in the stroller, beside the couch. “I’ll be right back.” She walked off toward the bedroom.

Reid looked into the stroller and smiled down at Jacob. Reid wasn’t too fond of children—not because he didn’t like them; he’d just never been around any. He was an only child so he didn’t have nieces or nephews. And he didn’t have any friends who had children either. But he was looking forward to meeting Luke’s youngest siblings though he didn’t know when that would happen. Reid gently picked up Jacob. Katie returned to find Reid peering into Jacob’s tiny ear.

“Here you go,” Katie said, holding out a dark blue shirt. “A nice, clean shirt.”

Reid handed Katie Jacob. “And here you go, a baby with an ear infection.”

Katie glanced at Jacob. “Really?”

“Take him to his pediatrician to get a prescription for some drops. He’ll be fine.”

“Thank you.”

Reid pointed at the photographs of Katie and Brad. “Are you sure your husband won’t mind?”

Katie kissed Jacob’s cheek. “My husband’s been dead for a year so . . . no, he won’t.”

“Oh.” Reid removed his scrub top, leaving only a thin, white undershirt.

“It’s a bit large but at least now you can impress Bob without a stained shirt.”

“You know my boss?”

Katie smiled. “I’m kind of dating his son, Chris.”

“Ah.” Reid buttoned his shirt and stood still before Katie.

“This is the part where you say ‘thank you.’”

“Thank you for not completely ruining my day,” Reid said as he pinched Jacob’s cheek and turned around to leave.

“Wait.” Reid turned back. “If you don’t want to stay at the hotel anymore, you’re more than welcome to move in here. I have an extra bedroom,” Katie said, pointing to the room next to hers.

Reid wrinkled his brows. “You’re inviting a man you don’t know at all to live with you?”

Katie smiled. “You’re the head of the neurological wing named after my late husband. You’re not exactly a stranger.” Katie extended her right hand. “I’m Katie Snyder.”

Another one? Reid shook her hand. “Dr. Reid Oliver.”

“So, what do you say, Reid?”


Katie held Jacob closer. “It gets lonely around here.”

“Won’t your boyfriend kind of mind?” Reid asked with a small smirk.

“We’ve only gone on two dates; he’s hardly my boyfriend.”

Reid stared at her, wondering what the real reason could be for her asking him to live there. But he figured he didn’t really care—he could always ask Luke later—and he was more than eager to move out of the hotel. “Just so we’re clear, we are only roommates and nothing more.”

Katie rolled her eyes. “I’m seeing someone, remember?”

“No, I meant I’m your roommate only so don’t go expecting a babysitter too.”

Katie laughed. “Got it.”

Reid held out his hand. “Well, then, Ms. Snyder, you got yourself a deal.”

“What do you mean you can’t make it tonight? My parents are expecting us, Reid,” Luke said over the phone.

“I know, I’m sorry, but I found a place to live and I’m moving in tonight. It’s all last minute.”

“Really? That’s great. Where?” Luke asked excitedly.

“With Katie Snyder. I’m assuming you know her, right?”



“Her husband was my dad’s cousin,” Luke said quietly.

“Hope she’s one of the least crazy ones,” Reid said with a chuckle.

“So we’re—you’re not going to look around anymore?”

“Not right now. I just want to get out of the hotel as soon as possible, and her place is very nice,” Reid said. “Is that okay?” He hadn’t agreed to look at the options Luke selected, but Luke obviously assumed otherwise. Reid would deal with it later.

“Can I come over, Reid?” Luke asked.

Okay, so he would deal with it now. “Sure.”

Reid was dressing after a shower when the doorbell rang. He zipped up his jeans and threw on a long-sleeve black shirt. He didn’t get a chance to button it as the doorbell sounded again. He ran, barefoot, and opened the door.

“Who the hell are you?”

Part 3

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