sleeper6 (sleeper6) wrote,

FIC: The Little Prince

Title: The Little Prince
Author: sleeper6
Characters: Luke/Reid
Rating: PG
Summary: Luke and Reid discuss the royal baby.
Disclaimer: All belongs to As the World Turns, not me.
Author's notes: Sequel to The Royal Engagement and Royal Watchers but can read as a stand-alone. Dedicated to casaluna85.

“I’m gonna let you go. Reid just got home,” Luke said. He was sitting at the foot of the bed with the phone to his ear.

Reid climbed into the bed, crawling towards Luke.

“Congratulations again. Okay, bye.”

Reid kissed the side of Luke’s head before resting his chin on Luke’s shoulder. “Whaddup, Snyder?”

Luke laughed as he turned his head to look at Reid. “Guess who that was.”

Reid groaned. “Not the Guess-the-Snyder game again.”

Luke tugged on Reid’s hair. “It wasn’t a Snyder.”

“What? You mean someone other than a Snyder was calling you this late at night?” Reid said, pretending to be shocked.

“Other people call me,” Luke said.

“Like?” Reid asked, pinching Luke’s waist.

“Casey,” Luke said, leaning forward to pull out of Reid’s grasp. “He’s having a baby.”

Reid sat back, an eyebrow raised. “You mean the wifey is?”

Luke laughed. “Of course I mean Alison.”

“Hey, even if he no longer lives here, he is from Oakdale. Stranger things—”

“—have happened, I know,” Luke finished. “But yeah, he just called to tell me. She’s three months along.”

Reid stood and began removing his tie, kicking off his shoes in the process. “What about medical school?”

“What about it?”

“She gonna quit?”

“I don’t know; I didn’t ask. But seriously, Reid, a good friend of ours is having a baby and all you can think about is whether or not she’ll finish medical school?” Luke said. “Having a baby is a huge deal.”

“So is being a doctor,” Reid said as he disappeared into the walk-in closet.

“Who says she can’t do both?”

Reid stepped out in a white short-sleeve undershirt and black pajama pants. “She can, when she’s forty-three and the kid has finally left for college.”

Luke rolled his eyes. “I don’t care what you say. I’m happy for them.”

“Of course you are,” Reid said before walking into the bathroom.

“Everyone’s having a baby. Casey and Alison, Maddie and Hunter, Will and Kate.”

Reid walked back out after a minute. “Um, Will and Kate? Are they that couple you forced me to entertain when you were stuck at your mom’s for over an hour?”

Luke laughed. “That was Bill and Anna. And I was only ten minutes late.”

“Ten longest minutes of my life,” Reid said. He walked to his side of the bed, took out a small bottle of lotion from the nightstand drawer, and began rubbing it slowly over his hands.

“But I was talking about Will and Kate and their baby.”

Reid stared blankly at him.

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Reid, come on, you watched their wedding,” Luke said.

“Uh uh. You forced me to watch that circus. You didn’t let me sleep with the TV on or your constant swooning,” Reid said.

“I was not swooning,” Luke said, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Please, you couldn’t stop picturing yourself in the pretty, pretty white dress and the sparkly tiara while riding on a pony,” Reid said. He settled himself with his back against the headboard and smirked at Luke.

Luke grabbed a pillow and threw it at Reid. Reid laughed and placed the pillow beside him. With his finger, he beckoned Luke to him. Luke smiled and crawled until he was lying next to Reid.

“I thought they’d already had the royal heir,” Reid said.

Luke shook his head. “I think they had to wait for Prince William to fulfill his military service or something like that.”

“That girl sure does a lot of waiting, huh?” Reid said. He turned on the TV with the remote.

Luke slapped him playfully. “We should be happy for her. She has everything she ever wanted.”

They watched TV in silence.

“What about you? You have everything you want?” Reid asked, his eyes on the screen. He held his breath.

“I have you, don’t I?” Luke said without hesitation.

Reid exhaled and smiled. “You sure do.”

“Has Katie told you that she and Chris are thinking about another one?”

Reid looked at Luke. “What? She just popped out little Lyla a few months ago.”

Luke laughed. “It was more than a year ago already, Reid. We went to her 1st birthday party, remember?”

“Is that where they served those delicious grilled jumbo dogs?”


“That was a good party,” Reid said, turning back to the TV.

“It seems everyone’s got baby fever, huh?”

Reid touched his forehead with the back of his hand. “Not me.” He looked at Luke. “You?” When Luke didn’t respond, Reid sat up. “Luke, do you want kids?”

Luke sat up too. He shrugged. “I don’t—I mean, I think about it sometimes but I-I don’t know.”

“Well, do you at least know you don’t have a uterus?”


“I’m serious. No one’s getting knocked up around here,” Reid said.

Luke chuckled. “I almost did, you know.”

Reid looked at him questioningly.

“I almost ‘knocked up’ a girl.”

“Hold the phone.” Reid shut the TV off and looked at Luke. “You told me you never did it with a girl.”

“I didn’t but I could’ve. Remember when I told you I was kidnapped?”

“Which time?”

“With Noah.”

“And it was some crazy, long-lost Grimaldi stepcousin or something like that?”

“Something like that,” Luke said, laughing. Reid rarely failed to make him laugh. “She wanted to have my baby.”

“Okay, I thought that whole episode was weird enough already; now you just made it creepy too,” Reid said, shuddering.

“It was creepy but I’ve gotten a lot closer to impregnating someone than you have,” Luke said haughtily.

“And you’re proud of that, why?”

“No reason, just wanted to say it.”

Reid rolled his eyes. “Fine, you’ve kissed two girls and—”

“Three,” Luke interrupted.

Reid looked up thoughtfully. “You know, since two of them were your cousins—or some variation of—they don’t really count. That means technically, you’ve actually only kissed one girl.”

“It’s not a contest, Reid,” Luke said, grinning. “But if it was, I’d win.”

Reid hit Luke’s head with a pillow. “So, did you want to?”

Luke tried to fix his hair as best as he could. “What—do it with a girl or have a baby?”

“Based on our sexual adventures, I know you didn’t want to—or would ever want to—do it with a girl.”

Luke looked down at his hands. “I’d only want to have a baby with someone I loved, and if I did want one, I’d want it to be with you.” Luke looked back up at Reid. “But you don’t want kids.”

Reid scratched his head. “I-I didn’t say that. I just never really thought about it.”

“Never? Not once since being with me?”

“My job is too demanding. If we had a kid, I wouldn’t be around to, you know, witness all the first times and I’d hate myself for it and then the kid would probably grow up hating me because of it.”

Luke scooted closer to Reid and softly rubbed his arm. “You make time for me.”

Reid pinched Luke’s chin. “That’s one sacrifice I don’t mind.”

Luke flashed his mega-watt smile, the one that wanted to make Reid promise him everything. But in this case, Reid wasn’t sure he could.

“Besides, it wouldn’t just be you and me anymore. We’d have to adjust everything in our lives for him or her. We’d have to share food and—”

Luke laughed. “Really, Reid? That’s what you’re worried about?”

“So, um, what would you want to it to be?”

Luke stared at Reid, curious to see where this conversation was headed. “No preference, but I guess I’d say a boy since we at least know boys,” Luke said. “He’d have red, curly hair.”

“Or blond, messy hair,” Reid said.

“And he’d be smart and loving and a bit snarky too,” Luke continued.

“And excellent in science. His science project would win every year.”

Luke sighed. “Okay, I’ll let him join the science club but only if he can play a sport too.”

Reid pointed to his head. “Nothing that will injure the noggin.”


“Do you have a name?”

Luke smiled. “Yes, but before I tell you, you have to promise not to laugh or roll your eyes.”

Reid covered his mouth with one hand and held his eyes wide open with the other. He nodded so Luke could continue.

“I’d want to name him Dallas,” Luke said, a slight blush forming over his face.

Reid put his hands down before one of them reached for Luke’s hand. “We had a good time there.”

Luke nodded and squeezed Reid’s hand. “And it’s a cool name for a girl too.”

“You’d spoil him rotten, wouldn’t you?”

“You mean because I’d give him everything he could want and then some?”


“Then yes,” Luke said, grinning. “He’d be our spoiled, little prince.”

“Just like his dad,” Reid said with a slight smirk.


“Come on, Luke, I bet our kid would live more like royalty than Will and Amy’s.”

Luke laughed. “You mean Will and Kate.”


Luke sighed.


“To be honest, Reid, I don’t know if I actually want a kid. See, a lot of people have one because it’s something—someone they create together. A child is a manifestation of their love and it’s a part of each of them and well, ours wouldn’t be.” Reid opened his mouth to speak but Luke held up a hand to stop him. “Let me finish. I know it sounds selfish to say but I don’t want just any kid. I want one that belongs to both of us, one that we created together. I don’t want him or her to be half yours or half mine or not part of either of us at all. And it’s hypocritical of me to be saying this since I am only my mom’s son and my dad isn’t my biological dad but he’s still my dad and he loves me as if I was really his, but when it comes to me and you, I want us to have a kid only if he’s ours, does that make sense?”

“It makes perfect sense,” Reid said. And it did. He wasn’t itching to have children but if he wanted to, he’d want the child to be his and Luke’s too.

“And since we can’t ever create one, then I’m happy being a great uncle and a fun big brother.”

“The best big brother,” Reid corrected.


“So then this is enough, just you and me?” Reid asked.

Luke nodded and grasped both of Reid’s hands in his. “You’re all I have and all I need.”

“I was going to say that,” Reid said.

Luke leaned in to kiss Reid. “But . . . I could change my mind.”

Reid laughed. “Well, if you do, you let me know?”

Luke nodded and kissed Reid again. They released each other’s hands and then lay back on the pillows. Reid turned on the TV again. “So what do you think Bill and Kate are going to name their kid?”

“Will and Kate. And why do you care?”

“I don’t, but I bet it’s going to be some boring, stuffy English name, right?”

“Probably,” Luke said, snuggling against Reid. “The name of an old king or something.”

“Definitely not awesome like Prince Dallas.”

“Or Princess Dallas.”


“Hmm?” Luke murmured, his eyes already closed.

“Do me a favor and don’t mention that name to anyone, okay?” Reid said.


“I-I just don’t want anyone stealing it. It’s ours.”

Luke opened his eyes and smiled. He wrapped an arm around Reid’s waist and pulled himself closer to him. “Okay.”

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